Corky Carroll

Gifts, stocking stuffers for a special surfer.

Here it is kiddies, my annual "great gift ideas for the surfer(s) on your gift-giving agenda" column. As this has become a tradition and seems to be very popular this year, I am dividing it into at least two, and maybe three, parts.

This week I am going to start with the more inexpensive gift ideas that you may want to consider, and next week the more high-end suggestions for that extra-super-special surfer that you want to totally deck out, much like the infamous "halls."
What normally happens each year is after this column comes out I get a whole bunch of emails from companies that have a certain product that would have been "perfect" for my list but that I either didn't know about or forgot to mention. I thought that if I get some really good stuff from that group this year I would toss that out there in a part three later in the month.

O.K. Let's start with stocking stuffers. Some of this stuff is gonna be the same as in years gone by, but they are the right ones, and besides that a lot of you will be reading this for the first time.

Probably the most obvious stocking stuffer would be some bars of surf wax. Every surfer needs surf wax. Pay attention to the fact that it comes in a variety of water temperatures. For this time of year here in Orange County it gets COLD. Another great item for the ol' sock is a surf leash. And these come in lengths, so try and get one that matches the length of your surfer's board. There are also a ton of great surf videos available these days that fit perfectly into this grouping. Sunblock is another good one, plus could be a lifesaver. Sunglasses too.

Then of course we have T-shirts and hats. All surfers love T-shirts and hats. And there are zillions of cool ones available at any and every surf shop on the planet. I recommend that you do your shopping at real surf shops, too, the industry needs the support.

But, let me direct you to a couple of special items that might be just the thing this year. There is the brand new Corky Surf Company eSurfhop. That's right folks, you can order very cool CC stuff right there online. Just go to Ya got yer Corky surf wax, Corky T-shirts, Corky hats and very soon very tasty Corky Paradise Blend coffees.

Also in the online ordering category again this year you can get the classic green Clark Foam T-shirt – a great gift and collector's item at the same time. These beauties are available through is a rare item and commemorates the Clark Foam dynasty in the surfboard industry.

Moving up in price a tad bit you get into surf-related clothing. This would be your hoodies, aloha shirts, and whatever the latest is in surf fashion this year. I am not real up on if anything is all that new this year, being one of those dudes who has worn the same stuff for as long as I can remember. My wife tries to throw stuff out that is old and tattered that I still love to wear. I have to Dumpster dive to keep my favorite stuff alive. But most people love new clothes, so that is a great gift.

Then we get into the surf accessories category. This would include wetsuits. Wetsuits are great gifts for this time of year, as the water is freezing and you just about cannot surf without one. There are all sorts of different types and prices in wetsuits. I think you can even still get a custom one made from Tony over at Coral Reef on Beach Boulevard in Westminster. Any kind of wetsuit is a great idea, but a actual custom-made one would be a killer gift.

Board bags are another good idea. If your surfer likes to travel they have very strong bags that protect your board on the airlines. And just for everyday travel to and from the beach they have board socks and lightweight bags that not only protect the board but also the inside of the car.

Stay tuned next week as we get into the super-special surfer gift items.

Originally posted at the Orange County Register.