Corky Carroll

More gift ideas for surfer friends

OK, kiddies, here is the second part of my annual "Great gift ideas for the surfer on your holiday gift list" column. Last week I touched on the less expensive items and today I am going to go into the more "super good for the really special surfer in your life" gift ideas.

Starting off with the obvious – a new surfboard. This is a very personal item so it is very important that you understand exactly what your surfer likes to ride. A good way to do this is to ask his or her friends for information. Another way is to give them a gift certificate to a certain surf shop that would carry the kind of board that would be good. That way they can fine tune the board.

Also, in many cases, you can give a gift certificate for a custom-made board from a shop that builds their own boards. That would be my first choice.

Next up would be one of the Human Touch Massage Chairs that I love so much. Some of you may remember the saga of my mission to get one a year or so ago. I love these things. AND, in order to help you this year, I have talked Human Touch into letting me give one away to one of you to give as a gift.

Here's the deal. To enter, you must write me 200 words or less on who you would like to give a massage chair to and why. You can't give it to yourself, it must be a gift for somebody else who could really use it. Send entries to me at CORKYSURF@AOL.COM. Entries close Dec. 5 and we will pick a winner by Dec. 10.

In order that the gift might be a surprise for Christmas we will not announce the winner here until after the holidays. See how reading my column has its rewards? You don't just get this good stuff everywhere, ya know.

Then you have the surf getaway – a surf trip to an exotic tropical location. And what could be better than a surf trip to an exotic tropical location with yours truly as your host and surf coach? That's right, a weeklong surf adventure to warm waters, swaying palm trees, great surf, killer food and free flowing "Corkaritas." Email me for details and get a 20 percent gift from me discount. See, keep reading and it just keeps paying off.

And lastly the ultimate gift for a surfer – a beautiful home on the beach at a perfect surf location. And I have one available at this time. An amazing deal on a three-bedroom home on a huge lot right on the beach in tropical Mainland Mexico. It's a chance of a lifetime and it is a steal. The owner is a pal of mine and has to sell it as soon as possible, so the price is rock bottom low. Again, email me for details.

So there you go folks, some good ones I would say. Stay tuned next week for all of the ones that I did not mention but people emailed me about.

I have some good ones on that list. And, of course, if you are shopping for me just about anything mentioned in the past two weeks would be fine.

Anything would make me happy, thanks.

Originally posted at the Orange County Register.