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A last look at surfer gifts for the holidays

After two weeks of giving you all my own personal holiday gift ideas for surfers, today I'm going to share some thoughts from readers who either have their own ideas or were emailing to kick me in the butt for forgetting something that they felt I should have included.
Either way, here are some more in the seemingly endless ocean of gift ideas for the surfer or surfers in your life.

From legendary surf great and former World Champion Linda Benson we have the all-new and super-cool "Rail Grabber." This is a new invention that helps you carry your board – a great concept for people with short arms and wide boards. This works extremely well for girl surfers who have a hard time carrying a longboard.

The Rail Grabber is inexpensive and fits easily into a backpack or small surf bag. You can get it at Retail price $23.95 online with free priority shipping.

Another great gift is the new biography of the amazing life of Jack O'Neill by veteran surf writer Drew Kampion. Jack is one of true legends in the surfing industry and is pretty well recognized as the main man in the creation and evolution of the modern surfing wetsuit.

He is also one of the great guys and real nonconformists from a period that was full of colorful characters. Jack is one of my favorite people ever in surfing and I am stoked that his story is finally in book form and that the world can get to know one of the few real surfing geniuses. Look in a bookstore or on for "Jack O'Neill: It's Always Summer On the Inside."

From creative surf dude Chuck Bassett I got the following email that recommends a great gift for your surfer.

"I have the perfect Christmas gift idea that is available immediately: A new 10-foot solid balsa wood 1960's classic surfboard with nine hardwood stringers and matching single glass on hardwood fin. This is a freshly built collector surfboard that comes complete with a custom fitted wall hanging fixture for formal display. Hell, I'll even do the installation (within 50 miles of San Clemente) as I do this occasionally only because people get so stoked they sometimes feed me.

Please visit my website, click on the 'Gallery' page and see for yourself."

And this from Jack Bloodworth: "Don't forget their stocking stuffers should include Christmas/holiday music played surf style. Among my collection: Gary Hoey, The Ventures, Los Straightjackets and The Hep Cats (Paul Johnson and Gil Orr) and of course the old Beach Boys albums. Some of my Stand Up Paddle friends enjoy riding around with a waterproof iPod and earphones."

My wife, the exquisite Raquel, suggested I mention the Hula Hoop collection from Hoopnotica. She has been using these for workout and fun for the past couple of years and it has worked wonders for her conditioning and also makes her very happy. They have all kinds of cool hoops for travel and even glow-in-the dark ones. Check out

I try to do it but the reverse curve on my round belly makes them fall off. I guess I need more work. Good for surf conditioning.

Another one I forgot is the very cool "Free Beneath" surfer robe. I mentioned this last year and it became a popular item. I have one of these and love it. It's warm and great for both before and after surfing, plus it's big enough that you can change inside it. You can find them at

In case you missed last week's column I wanted to restate that I am running a contest to give the gift of a free Human Touch Massage Chair. To enter you need to send me via email 200 words or less on who you would like to give the gift of one of these fantastic massage chairs to and why. You cannot give it to yourself - this is meant to be for somebody else who you would like to surprise with something as special as this. We will notify the winner the second week in December and will announce the results after Christmas. That way the gift can be a surprise.

O.K., I guess that's about it for this year's gift suggestions. Sorry if I missed something, but with everything on the list from the past three weeks you should have a pretty good idea of things your surfer might like. Good luck and I wish you all the best with your holiday shopping.

And, lastly, don't forget to put me on the gift list, I like to get stuff.

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