About Corky Carroll

Born and raised in Surfside, California, Corky Carroll has become a legend in his own time. Known as "the most recognized name in surfing", he was the first person to be paid to surf and the first to receive endorsements.

Corky started surfing when he was only in the first grade and was the world's first professional surfer at age 16. During his surfing career, he won over 100 titles including the United States Overall Championship (five times), the International Professional Championship (three times), the International Big Wave Championship, and the World Small Wave Championship. He was also named "Best Surfer in the World" in a Surfer Magazine reader's poll in 1968.

But it's Corky's unforgettable personality that makes him so unique. Called the clown prince of surfing, Corky's antics on and off the surfboard made him a sought after celebrity and spokesperson for brands such as Coke, Ocean Spray, Janzen and Miller Lite.

Now living and surfing the beaches in Mexico, Corky has always lived the life we all wish we had.